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is the only constant

The Tin Can Phone Crew is committed to this work because they’re directly affected by the ills and hardships sustained by the oppressive prison system and culture in which we currently live. Whether it be paying money to the state during and after incarceration simply in order to continue living while; carrying the stigma of a felony conviction around friends, families, and job opportunities; or surviving in a world in which simply being released from prison is far from the end of the effects of incarceration of those who once existed inside, the bondage of prison is literally never removed from the soul of the one who suffers it.


We know incarceration disproportionally affects non-white minority groups of all races, creeds, and religions, and is one of the many taproots of white supremacy that the Tin Can Phone crew aims to analyize, critize, and dismantle. Incarceral culture in the U.S. and beyond will not be stopped unless these people--and others like them--tell their stories and inspire listeners to take action against it.


A Failed System


There are other ways!



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